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Operetta for Kids

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Operetta for Kids is a new project since its foundation in 1957. The current Artistic Director Peter Edelmann is from an opera family with great tradition. He has started this project to spread the happiness and richness of SM's (Seefestspiele Mörbisch) production to our kids, in order to continue the legacy of German speaking performing arts.

In 2018, special performances for children have been offered. A one-hour version of the Countess Mariza was shown in June 2018 on a special stage on the festival premises in altogether six performances. More than 3000 children are benefited from this project. 


On 24, 25 and 26 of June 2019, the special edition of "The Land of Smile" will take place.  In each performance, visitors will also get the opportunity to sing and dance along. This is intended to bring operetta closer to the children. The same soloists as in the regular performances will be seen on stage.

For more information, please contact: Ms Gerlinde Köck  e-mail: 


Opera Young

Opera Young is a new project of 2 categories :

1. Any Individual under 30 Years Old;2. Young Artists Concert.

SM under 30

Are you under 30 ?

We have special discount for you! Do not miss the wonderful production Countess Mariza of this season 2018 from 12th of July - 25th of August.

Please contact:

Young Artists Concert

SM is in cooperation with the Otto Edelmann Society to offer young artists both the professional training and concert opportunities.

For more information, please contact:


International Cooperation

The Leading Team of SM is launching this International Cooperation project worldwide.

SM is proud of its longest lasting history of operetta festival. With our supreme experiences and top artists, we present and cooperate with opera houses and theaters, to support the artistic and educational purpose of our colleagues around the world.

For more information and cooperation, please contact :  

Miss Elke Zierler, Assistant to the Directorship  e-mail:


School Partnership

We are ready to build up long-term partnership with schools. 

SM offers training, archives & teaching materials and specially designed performances for partner schools.

Through active engagement and assistance, we work together to develop deep-rooted culture of music. Our program for schools is creative and inspiring, both during and after school,  for students from elementary school to university. 

How to become a Partner School ?

The School Partnership Program is the SM’s most important in-school program. It is a substantial commitment from both SM and the partner schools. 

Openings in SM School Partnership Program are limited. 

If your school is interested in becoming a partner school, 

please contact: Ms Gerlinde Köck  e-mail: